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Anishu (based off my short story) (1 Viewer)


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I had to do this for my english class.

Anishu- Anishu is a Japanese girl who has been held in captivity for 18 years. Her parents were drunks, and her mother was a hooker. When she was born Anishu’s mother handed the child over to the government, who gave the girl to Scientists to study. Their task was to see how long a female could live in captivity before she killed herself.
Anishu is very meek and timid. She longs for a world she can never have. She has constantly been told that no one in “good society” would want to make contact with her because of her parents, and Anishu really longs for a friend. The closest thing she has ever had has been the scientist monitoring her, Kiko, who cares for her less than the dust collecting on the ceiling.
Kiko- The scientist monitoring Anishu in captivity. He too has also been isolated. Though its never actually said, Kiko cares and pities Anishu, but his task is to only mock her into death. His life consists of science, and he himself feels like a failure. He knows the only reason he was given the watch over Anishu is so that he would be kept out of the way of the “real” scientists.

Act 1
Scene 1
(The curtains open up to a dark stage, and only lightly to the lights come up, for it is a dark time. Upper stage left sits Anishu on the windowsill, outside the rain is pouring and pounding against the windowpane. Kiko is Center right, working with many beakers filled with colorful chemicals. He is writing down on several papers, looking hurriedly up at his beakers, and back down to his paper. It appears the two live in a stone mansion with many doors leading to places unknown. In the center are many old looking books and broken toys. Anishu taps her finger against the windowpane gently, and the rubs her hand down. It is perfectly gray outside. She looks to Kiko.)
ANISHU- Kiko…?
(Kiko ignores.)
ANISHU- Couldn’t I just in the rain? Its so dark and cold out. I can feel it on my fingertips, its very cold-
KIKO- Why do you ask questions you already know the answer to, Anishu?
ANISHU- They’d never know Kiko. No one is outside. I promise, it wont hurt the experiment.
KIKO- If you promise to kill yourself afterwards, possibly not. But I couldn’t hold a worthless brat like you to your word.
ANISHU- Please, Kiko….
KIKO- Please, shut up….
(Anishu sighs and returns to look out the window. Kiko’s beakers begin to bubble, and smoke begins to rise. Suddenly it all explodes in a smoky mess. Anishu smiles warmly.)
ANISHU- Don’t worry Kiko, you’ll get it soon enough.
KIKO- (In a rage he turns on Anishu) Damn you, you worthless thing, didn’t I tell you to shut your mouth!
ANISHU- (Bites her lip and looks away.)
(The phone rings. Anishu jumps up and starts running for the door Down right.)
ANISHU- I’ll get it!
KIKO- (Waving his hand in front of Anishu to stop her.) You’ll do no such thing. You know never to answer the phone.
(Kiko exits Down right.)
(Anishu looks around, as if looking for something to do, but gives up and goes to the books in the center of the floor. She sits down and begins to flip through the pages. A page falls out of her book. She looks down at it, then picks it up. She holds it close to her face.)
ANISHU- I know how you feel.
(Kiko enters back in and looks down at Anishu)
KIKO- Go put on your finest dress.
ANISHU- I don’t have a fine dress.
KIKO- The finest you have, then.
KIKO- Not that its really of much concern to you, a woman is coming by tonight. She is going to bathe you, loan you a fine silk kimono and articles of jade. She will dress your face in fine ivory makeup, and then present you to Sir Hideku.
ANISHU- (Is staring at Kiko like he just hit her with a bus.) You mean…
KIKO- Yes, you will be talking to another human besides me. And you better not mess up. I’ve been waiting 18 years to get rid of a child so stupid.
ANISHU- (Confused) Get rid of?
KIKO- Sir Hideku has bought you. It seems the scientists are sick of waiting for you to kill yourself. You cost quite a pretty penny to watch. Sir Hideku bought you for twice as much as you’re worth. (Pause. Kiko turns to leave.) Now go get dressed, I’d rather the Mistress doesn’t see you so ugly. (He begins to exit Down right)
ANISHU- (Looks down at the ground sadly.) Kiko…
KIKO- (Stops.)
ANISHU- Why do you think I’m ugly?
KIKO- Excuse me?
ANISHU- Why do you think I’m worthless?
KIKO- Anishu, what are you talking about-
ANISHU- Why do they want me to die…?
KIKO- (Stands staring at Anishu stunned.) Because your parents were worthless and ugly, and they needed to die before your whore of a mother gave birth to you.
ANISHU- But what have I done?
KIKO- Nothing I suppose. Now stop asking stupid questions. Quickly, go dress! (Again begins to exit)
ANISHU- I don’t think you really hate me Kiko.
(Kiko stops but never looks at Anishu.)
ANISHU- I think they tell you to say all those things. To call me ugly, stupid and worthless. (Anishu looks up to Kiko.) But you know me Kiko. You bottle fed me, you changed my diapers. I still remember a time when you smiled at me.
KIKO- You remember only dreams.
ANISHU- Then they began to call you more often. That’s when you started to call me those things.
KIKO- You grew ugly.
ANISHU- Then tell me Kiko. Tell me you hate me.
KIKO- (For a long time Kiko stands there. He finally looks at Anishu.) If I could tell you everything I could… It would take years. (He quickly exits before Anishu can speak again.)
(Anishu throws her head into her hands and begins to sob. She then reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small book with golden pages. Though it has no cover, and many missing pages Anishu opens up to a page.)
ANISHU- For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son, so that all those who believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life…
(Lightly slowly fade on Anishu, and the curtain closes.)

About Anishu
Anishu is based off a short story I wrote about a girl rejected by everyone because of who her parents were. Society wont accept her, and though in the story it is not about race, but it can be interpreted as race. The only reason Anishu was treated this way because of who her parents were. They were Japanese. Even the only person, who knows Anishu is a good girl, can’t ever tell her because of how he will be treated. At the end Anishu opens up a book, that she has no idea is The Bible. The cover is missing along with the title. But it seems to be her favorite because she keeps it in her pocket. Anishu was never taught religion, and this just shows that even children who have been denied by human standards, The Devine will never deny her, and has even found ways for her to find Him.