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And for that minute, a blackbird sang... (1 Viewer)


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Mr Bloggsworth,

you are, to my knowledge, the first person who has ever made the connection on the whole of WF (I actually live on Curlew River) - despite my mentioning it in my hello message (although I assume not many read those). I read somewhere that he actually based the Opera on a poem! Which is weirdly fitting since I started writing poetry since I joined WF. To be honest I don't like Opera but I like the Sea Shanties from Grimes and I've gradually built up some knowledge of it from when Radio 3 and Classic Fm play Opera concurrently (should be a law against it). I do like Britten though, the Interlude in Ceremony of Carols sticks in the mind just now. I don't know much about him though, but much more now thanks to you. Cheers much appreciated. I suppose that car you drive must feel quite modern to you. Good innings, keep churning out the runs. All the best PG

I learned to drive, in 1957, when I was 12, I've been doing it a long time now... That's me in my avatar, in a car I built with a friend (he did most of te real work).


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Hi Mr Bloggsworth,

(I would call you Joe but fear that might be overfamiliar), sorry I forgot to reply and then went on holiday. Yes, I very much like your car (I have the number 21 on the back of my Wolves shirts, great minds), I certainly can see the sense in building your own, lots of the poeple who are members of my Working Mens Club build Land Rovers. I know they have robot overseers but still, I'd trust your friend. I very much like the look of the suspension. 12 seems reasonable to me, for in those days it was naturally assumed that people had common sense and could think for themselves.

Being the first time I've randomly and rudely hijacked somebodies thread. I thought I should do the decent thing and read the original post. I really like it. The writing is excellent. Its so evocative of a world i'll never know, that one glimpses from within the pages of a book or on a TV show but one can never really know. For you it is as real as yesterday and me a ghostlike dream, like trying to explain to my Nephews my youth of a dial phone and no internet, it was just normal reality. Nothing changes but nothing stays the same, but the moon and the sun in the east.

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