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Ancient Folklore and Literiture (1 Viewer)


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A subject which I find increasingly interesting is the development of certain folkloric and mythical tales, especially in regards to distinct cultures or races. My username Finn MacCool is derived from the Irish hero Fion Mac Cumhail and being a part of the celtic race (Scottish primarily), I have an even more distinct interest and pride in the poetry and tales of our ancestors.

Does anyone else have an interest in things such as these?


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Yeah. Celtic myths (Welsh in particular) captivate me, as do the various cultures. Quite a bit of it still exists in our own culture today, but it's odd how some things (like equality of women) didn't carry over at all.

Other folklore and mythology interests me as well. Native American in particular.


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I'm also into Celtic lore, as well as the myths and legends of other European and pre-European people. I am also fond of ancient history and traditions of other great civilizations. I've never really been that interested in African history, or as into Asian history as I've seen some, though I do like to have a general understanding of the contributions made by all cultures.


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Oh, I love Celtic myths, but I also like some of the folklore from Scandinavia, Europe and Finland. Someone once gave me a book of myths from Spain, but I never really liked it as much.