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I’m not a full blown anarchist, but I embrace many anarchist beliefs and ideologies. i think with out any kind of government, our
Country would be worse than those we fight against. lets face it, despite what our own opinions might be, if there were no government, there are people that would run around ransacking and raiding anything within a 5 foot radius. i do believe that the government should be more open to the voice of the people, that there are to tight of restrictions that contradict our own personal lifestyles and views, but that being said, ask yourself would we be better off without any kind of political structure. what needs to happen is, we need to find a compromise, but in order to find the "perfect compromise", people would have to set aside allot of their own personal beliefs, which is: 1. impossible, and 2. kind of goes against a great point in the anarchist beliefs, having the ability to have the freedom for your own thoughts, and to incorporate them into your lifestyle.


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A true anarchist understand that Anarchy always existed.

Government is the psychological control of others using a mob.
After using that mob, people are then brainwased to conform to the rules of the gang leader.

Government does not exist--the idea does.

When you spend months reading literature about government, maybe you'll understand it is all crap.
There is no government--there is no box.

Of course, the America nation was built on natural rights.


Funny thing is, most people "think" there is a government. hahahahhahahahha

I'm an Anarchist.. but i'm more of a realist.
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