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An Open Rebuke of Fanboyism (Warning! May contain geeky content) (1 Viewer)


My thoughts on the "console wars" of the videogame industry.


During the earliest years of console gaming, something developed. As multiple consoles from different companies were released, people began to disagree on what console was “better”. This childish argument has only developed further over the years, and, spurred forth by the availability of the internet, has developed into what has been called “The Console Wars.”

Battles rage on internet message boards, through IRC chatrooms, in IM windows, and over TeamSpeak. Interesting how these “factual debates” occur over opinions. In essence: people are arguing about which console is superior, in an arena where it all comes down preference. Sounds pretty cracked to me. In fact, it sounds very similar to “my dad can beat up your dad.”

Each console has its own strengths and weaknesses. The Xbox is huge, but pushes more polygons and particles than the other consoles. The PS2 has aging hardware, but has a massive library of diverse, interesting games. The Gamecube has a limited appeal, but for those who it appeals to, it’s the best machine on the market. Sounds pretty balanced to me, as all the consoles have an appeal and a purpose. Sure, some of my readers are going to deny some of these points, but if they do, they’re Class A fanboys. Class A fanboys are those that deny straight-up facts because they’ve been indoctrinated beyond the point of no-return.

Don’t even get me started on next-gen consoles. The PS fanboys are the worst of the bunch, as the 360 is already out and the Revolution is a rather “low-key” system after the Gamecube days. They can complain freely about the 360 without any being able to retort. Know why? Because the PS3 isn’t out yet. Ridiculous how quickly some can judge without having a reference point. This goes for Xbox fanboys, too. You can’t brag about your system being better, because there’s isn’t out yet.

Blueray shows promise and the online interface for the 360 is great. Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming out for the PS3 and Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion is coming out on the Xbox 360. The PS3 has won’t have such a great online interface and the 360 came out early. There are the advantages and disadvantages once more, all of which was gleaned by simple market analysis.

In summary, I suggest that fanboys take a look at what they believe. If you think that Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo is “teh s3x” and that Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo is evil, stupid, corrupt, daemonic, loathsome or just otherwise “sux” you should take another look at the console(s) that they hate so much. It’s not that they’re evil or awful, it’s just that you don’t find that their game selection is compelling or that you don’t like a certain aspect of their hardware. They aren’t evil, you just don’t like them.

Oh, and lay off the netspeak.


Senior Member
Ha ha, I agree. Nicely summarized.
It sort of devolved into a rant by the end, but it was pretty good. You've got a nice writing style that is easy to read.

By the way, PS2 is clearly the best.