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No doubt as you can tell by name I am an aspiring writer, looking to get my writing back off the ground after a long hiatus period.

Have lived in the UK since I was 8 having previously lived in Iran but had to leave because of the revolution - I am half Iranian (of Assyrian Decent) with English and Irish Blood - there's a cocktail for you.

I like science fiction and fantasy but also a good thriller especially with a political edge. My favourite fiction authors include Stephen King, John Grisham and Ian Fleming and am a big fan of JK Rowling but also read plenty of non fiction including Bill Bryson, Michael Moore, Craig Unger, but really like to read biographies.

Anyway hi everyone. Hope you are all well.


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Hello there and welcome aspiretowrite! I hope you enjoy being here with like-minded writers! :)

~ Shinn