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Hi everybody. I guess it's about time to introduce myself.

I come from the eastern part of the European Union. I have worked as a translator for many years. Most of my published translations are erotic short stories and articles on sex. Can't mention those in my CV. ;-) But I have also translated several perfectly decent books as well as written two non-fiction books and co-authored a couple.

As far as I can remember, I haven't had any works of fiction published, except on my own website for free.

I have completed one novel-sized work of fiction, though. It's a parody of a communist schoolbook. I knew all along it would be unpublishable, but it wouldn't leave me alone until I had put it on, um, hard disk.

I have more than 30 novel ideas, almost all of them science fiction, one of which is like 4/5 complete. However, I've put it on hold because of my current project. That's a fanfic I've been posting on the Internet chapter by chapter. There are two more chapters to write and upload, and then it's finished.

I'm not going to try to publish a book in the English-speaking world anytime soon. So I'm here merely in the hope of finding interesting discussions.


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Welcome! I see you have already made quite and impact on the discussion forum.

Working as a translator must really give you a good foundation in writing theory.

Just curious, why would you not want to publish a book in the English-speaking world anytime soon? Is it something you would consider some time in the future?


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why would you not want to publish a book in the English-speaking world anytime soon?

Because I would have to get a book published in my native language first, and then have it translated into English, and that's bound to take time.