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An Episode The Whole Family Should See... (1 Viewer)

Why is it that......

....people are starving all over the world (even in our country) and we have t.v. shows called the "Biggest Loser" and "Celebrity Fit Club"?

For every child on t.v. eating white gruel and being used as a landing pad to millions of flies, there is a large person on t.v who is:

a."Struggling" to stop eating so many doughnuts,
b. Crying about what a "hardship" it is to not stop at McD's for every meal and,
c. Desperately trying to let everyone know just how terribly "difficult" it is to be fat and have to eat so much.

What if instead of putting those people through obstacle courses that inevitably lead to major crybaby meltdowns....how about a 2 month entertainment stint in Africa helping starving people?

Events could be:
1. White Porridge Contest: Each contestant gets to plan a "30 minute" meal using only rice and water. Judging will be on originality and taste.
2. Acres O' Harvest: Each team has 4 hours to plant an acre of vegetables. Only tools that can be used are a wooden spoon, a bare foot........ and no seeds.
3. Water Challenge: Contestants are given a bucket, a stick, and 500 square miles of desert. First one to fill their bucket in this "wild and wet" challenge wins!
4. Pinching Pennies: 4 teams are given a nickel. The team that plans the best monthly budget on that wins.
5. Farmer Brown's Crazy Competition: 2 teams are given a cow, chicken, and a pig to eat. But be careful choosing which one! Because one of the animals has a disease, that if eaten, will cause mind-blowing diarrhea and vomiting for 2 weeks. Have fun and good luck!

The celebrity judges could be Bono, A. Jolie, and of course.......God.


Senior Member
brilliant!... and sadly, so true... i write about such stuff all the time, as i'm a philosopher who keeps tabs on all that goes on in the world... but not enough care enough to do enough, for it to make any difference...

love and hugs, maia


Senior Member
I really love the idea, it's great! This could be a really, really powerful short story, fiction or creative non-fiction, if you decided to adapt it.