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Americans on Foreign Policy (18+ / Pretty Offensive / Satirical) (1 Viewer)


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But nationalism led to their "philosophy", national socialism.

The inequality of races is inevitable, and the Aryan race is the chief creative element of mankind.

Mankind's natural unit is the Volk, or people, of which the German Volk is the greatest.

The state only exists to serve the Volk, and both morality and truth are to be subservient to this principle.


Wow, more of an editorial than a non-fiction piece. I disagree with most of it.

Maybe the webmaster should have an editorial section if there isn’t already one.


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I can't fathom why you seem to be impressed by "Mein Kampf."

You know, I think you're an asshole. I'm not impressed by it, I think it's the work of a deluded bastard. Ever heard of the word "example"?! I simply cited examples in reference to the work above. Don't twist my words. And don't you DARE suggest I'm impressed by it.
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Alright, I think this one is boiling over the edge a little. Didn't mean to cause this much controversy.

My apologies.


p.s. Thanks for reading.