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American Psycho (1 Viewer)


Neo said:
I am thinking about reading it for a third time, at the mo. I was in a new cafe in Blyth today actually. I was wearing black trousers from Burtons and a black tee-shirt from Ethel Austin, as well as a red-and-black checked jacket and black padded windbreaker from Burtons.


But I'd still read it again too


Senior Member
I'm about 215 pages in and I'm loving it (the threesome chapter was more arousing than porn!). Bateman is clearly an egotistical character whose obsession with image and top brand products dominates not only his own thoughts but also his actions. (cold sweats and fits of trembling when he realises his business card is inferior).

I know that the descriptions of clothes and products are over the top but obviously that reflects how Bateman thinks and how much attention he pays to what others are wearing and judges them by it.

The Genesis/Phil Collins chapter I actually enjoyed but largely because I am a fan of them (except for Genesis' early work) :)