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American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis (1 Viewer)


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So the main character hangs decapitated heads from his erect penis. So what?

From the second it was first (almost not) published, AP has been a controversial work that's managed to piss off and entrance almost three decade's worth of readers. Pat Bateman is our loveable anti-hero, a man with the looks, the money, the drugs, the killer job and the killer babes. And, of course, he just likes killing people in general. As the body count rises, people seem to care less and less. And why should they? There isn't much room for anything in between all those coke binges, orgies, and dinner reservations at the most happening spots in town.

But the gore, people, the fucking gore. Between that and the way women are treated, it's no wonder BEE has recieved numerous death threats. If we look beyond that, though, we see all of our narcissistic flaws. The violence seems so distant, the sex, equally hollow. Still, there's something lurking in this book that we all can identify with.

I may be lynched, but I'm giving this fucker five stars, both for its lucid but still gorgeous language and its gritty social commentary. Reading American Psycho may be like masturbation, but that juicy orgasm you feel at the end of it all makes the novel worthwhile. Stand in front of the mirror, because I don't think I'm the only one who secretly wishes that they could live as freely as Pat Bateman does, even if we don't all share his psychopathic tastes.



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Finally finished it and I did enjoy it. I loved the writing and the social commentary, but I think it has a few weaknesses that made it hard to finish.

I think the book was 100 pages too long, mainly because it got repetitive after a while. I didn't mind the constant clothes descriptions or the The Patty Winters Show Stuff, but soon all the scenes started feeling very similar to me, like didn't I read this before? Although I think that harps on the point of the novel, which is kind of like how pointless everything is in our lives. Life just goes on and nothing happens at the end of the book.

After the first killing, all the killings after that, no matter, how creative he got, the killings were rather boring to me. And there was a sense of sameness to them. Same with the sex scenes, there's only so many variations he can try.

I think the lack of plot, which I do feel was a good choice, also contributed to the point of the story, but it also made it hard to finish, especially when everything felt so repetitive. A bit cliche, but it felt like he was beating a dead dog after a while.

I kind of got numb to everything after a while. And maybe that was the purpose. Soon I kind of stopped caring. It was like cool, he's killing someone. I hope he uses the rats again.

The writing is awesome, great dialogue, and well structured scenes, and they definitely outweigh the weaknesses of the story, which I think aren't really weaknesses because they do reflect the point of the novel.


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you bring up some valid points. the champion of ellis would say that the numbness IS the point, but i try not to buy into arguments like that. when youre reading something, youre reading it for you. 100 pages too much? possibly, but loved every word. his writing is funny: its sparse, lacking in figurative language, yet it gets the job done and is really breathtaking. im not sure how to describe it. and his dialogue is fab. thanks for sharing your thoughts.