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She has written several novels, but I have never read her book. My friend introduced me to her several days ago...she writes mainly about vampires. I heard her first book was published when she was fourteen years old!

Does anyone have anything to say about her books? She seems very talented. I think I'll go check out some of her books...


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Actually, I quite like her books. And it's been interesting to watch how her writing matures as she gets older. They began rather simply and have now matured into fully developed worlds and plot lines. Her best works to date are the Kiesh'ra (sp?) series beginning with Hawksong and continuing with Snakecharm and the soon to be released Ravendance. Her earlier books are amusing too though.


I personally like her earlier books better. But I would recommend her books, I have read Demon In My View like ten times now and it is still good.
She's one of my favorite authors. I have all of her books. I agree, I like her earlier books better. Demon in My View is my favorite. She's very, very talented.

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She is an extremely talented writer, and I love all her books. Personally, though, my favorites are Demon in y View and In the Forests of the Night. All are worth reading, though.


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I read her very first book whenit first came out, but nothing after that. FRom what some of you say, she's what Christopher Paolini should have been.
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