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Altered Carbon, Richard K. Morgan (1 Viewer)

Tundra Belle

Senior Member
Okay, all you William Gibson fans, line up for this one!

Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan is one of the best books I’ve read in eons. His imagination is superb; his imagery, stunning. His control of story is flawless and riveting. Protagonist Takeshi Kovacs is as cool as he is brutal, and his forays into virtual reality are so cunningly and vividly crafted as to eclipse anything Case ever saw in virtual—and Case saw a lot. (Neuromancer, William Gibson)

But most of all I love Morgan’s utterly delicious phrasing:

“I skinned my lips in a smile that made them hurry along.”
“She fed herself a cigarette and lit it.”
“I felt a little steam wisp off my own cool.”
“I fired a peripheral glance toward the sound.”
“In seconds my head cleared from foggy to the unbearable brightness of sunlight on a knife.”

A very aggressive story, aggressively written. As facilitator to a local writers group, I took to reading a few of what I called “Richard K. Morganisms” at the beginning of every meeting while I was reading Altered Carbon. Looking back, I realize I was having Richard K. Morganisms. I still am.

Mr. Morgan, will you marry me?


Senior Member
Morgan went downhill pretty fast, sadly. The third Kovacs book was a bit of a mess, really.

Wasn't he supposed to be having a foray into comic books? Hmmm...

Tundra Belle

Senior Member
Crikey. See what happens when you get a publisher? Push, shove, birth me another novel like the other one, writer!


As a reader, I had some issues with Broken Angels. Couldn't quite finish it. Gratuitous violence and sex. I couldn't even fool myself into believing there was a reason for some of it. Currently re-reading Altered Carbon and wiping worshipful drool off my chin with a paper towel. Any comments on his other two, Market Forces or Woken Furies?

Rich, I still love you. Marry me. We'll work something out.