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Snake Driver

I'm still not sure why I joined this forum ... a revelation about which none of you probably give a happy crap. But here I am so I shall take this opportunity to bore you with a bit of my backgorund.

Originally from Chicagoland, I joined the Army at an early age, became a paratrooper and a pilot, went to Vietnam twice, and married three times (The last one is a keeper).

I still fly for a living and write for fun with the dim, perhaps futile hope that someone, somewhere, someday will be sufficiently entertained to want to publish an adventure novel I am writing entitled, "Yellow Dog Blues."

Set in South Louisiana not far from New Orleans, the story is about a couple of Army buddies, a blues musician, a preacher, and other colorful, wacky characters fighting, stealing, and screwing.

In fact, if anyone here is remotely interested in reading an excerpt, I would be delighted to have your feedback.

let me read

Im definitely interested in an excerpt. I love to read no matter what it is. If you ever want to return the favor just let me know. I got a good start to a full length novel at the moment.