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ALOHA!! (1 Viewer)


sanz aqua

So here's yet another newbie!

Who am I? Nothing out of an ordinary girl’s skin. Currently at 21, doing my Engineering. Don’t even imagine me to be a nerdy boring girl lost behind a pile of books…. I’m no way remotely close to that one. On the contrary, I’m a different person in more ways than one. I love nothing more than being a ruminator, usually lost in reading a book or penning down my thoughts.

So here I am to enjoy other's musings & admire them and throw in a post or two of my own :D


Senior Member
I find contradiction in your intro. I also found at least one word I'm not entirely sure I know the meaning. You're intriguing to me... Welcome to the forums.


Well, hello, Sanz, enjoy the forums.

Our philosophers, such as they are, tend to congregate in the Debate section and the Lounge with occasional forays into Poetry. I would suggest that you take a broom in with you for self-defense.

Enjoy the forums!