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Hi, I'm 22 from south London, England. Have been freelancing for about 7 years now, mostly music/entertainment-related stuff. I'm really keen to try some fiction and travel wrting though! Writing articles can get quite repetitive!


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Aloha to you too!

Aloha ahui hou!

Hey there im from hawaii. Welcome to the writing forum im new here too. I never wrote anything. I am in the process in writing my first book. Its going to be a non-fiction based on true events that i experienced in my life, Drug addiction, abandonment, surviving homeless on the streets of hawaii, and discovery of sexual identity. Let me know about what you have written may be we can collabarate. Alrighty have a good one.
Much Mahalo!


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Yeah, totally agree with sniper. Great name. I LOOVE travel writing! You should totally workshop a few pieces here so I can read and pretend I'm somewhere else, instead of at my compy with homework to do.

My fav. book is actually kinda travel book: Douglas Adam's and Mark Cawardine's Last Chance to See. It's about looking for endangered species, but they go everwhere... and it's narrated in the voice of the late great Adams.

Okay, rambling over. What I mean to say is, Welcome!