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Allow me to intoduce myself, my name is Dimitri. I have a passion for writing and literature. Unfortunately, in this fabulous technological age that we live in, there are too many computer related distractions that keep me from writing or reading. As my next semester rapidly closes in on me, I am attempting to break free from video gaming and get back into using my computer for more constructive purposes. I enjoy reading and writing about strong moral characters. I also enjoy historical fiction and some Fantasy selections. I hope to teach english or history when I finish college, and I want to write on the side; kind of like Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl). I believe that juvenile fiction is the safest and the funnest material to read. I have kind of lost interest in Harry Potter, but I like Rowling's style because she doesn't waste time blathering on about things I don't care to hear about, she gets right to it. And still fills up 700+ pages. The writers of novels geared toward grown ups could take notes. Anyway, I could go on all day about my likes and dislikes with various authors but this is supposed to be an introduction. So, hello and I look forward to throwing ideas around.