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All Time Favourite Character (1 Viewer)


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Not sure if anyone's done a similiar thread in the past. If so, perhaps a mod could just whack this post onto it.

Anyway, does anyone have a single favourite character from a novel? I've been inspired to ask after re-reading A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving. And the title character is just amazing. Owen Meany is almost a dwarf, a poor boy from a granite mine. His voice is stuck in a "permanent scream" so all his dialogue is WRITTEN IN BLOCK CAPITALS. He ought to be ridiculous. But he elevates himself through his intelligence, his obstinancy, his sense of occasion and his unshakeable, and mystical, belief in God. And he becomes someone often inspiring and occasionally terrifying.

It's not my favourite novel ever. But in Owen Meany, Irving's created someone who is both a hero in every sense and also totally original.

Any other nominations.


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Captain Hook! He's a pirate that never sails, never wins (even though he fights children), and is afraid of clocks. What's not to love?


Raistlin Majere from any of the Dragonlance novels, he is my hero, i hope some day i can be as mean as him. My religion is Raistianity.


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Mulch Diggums from the Artemis Fowl series

Edmond Dantes from The Count of Monte Cristo

Tris from The Circle of Magic series

Grunthor from The Symphony of Ages

Morgan la Fey (enough said)


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TS Garp from The World According to Garp

Barney Panofsky from Barney's Version

Saleem Sinai from Midnight's Children


The caterpillar with the hookah in Alice in Wonderland, followed by the crazy cat that disappears. Although after watching the movie last week I may reconisder because that scared me beyond reasonible belief.


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Some great ones mentioned already: Kilgore Trout and Owen Meaney.

I can't add one, but greats which come to mind are Raskolnikov, Winston Smith and Tom Joad, and, may as well say it before someone else does, Holden Caulfield.


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Roland Deschain - The Gunslinger by Stephen King

Ryan Cawdor - Deathlands by James Axler

Conan - Novels and short stories by Robert E. Howard

Solomon Kane - Short stories, also by Howard

Phedre no Delaunay - Kushiel's Legacy by Jacqueline Carey

Cashel - Lord of the Isles series by David Drake

Harry Keogh - Necroscope by Brian Lumley


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Renos Babe said:
Book from Ice Station
Mother from Ice Station

Good choice, since they're the only two of his characters that have any substance whatsoever...

My choices would hve to be:

Sam Vimes from the Discworld series (I love his cynisism and suspicion)

Shrike from the Hungry City Chronicles (mostly because of what happens to him in the final chapter)

Marco from the Animorphs series (a kid's series that I haven't touched in ten years, but it had characters so well crafted that I still remember them)


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Here is just a few of my most loved characters.

Jack: The main character, and antognistic protagonist of Spares.

Don Emamual: The rather crude local oligarch of The War of Don Emamual's nether parts.

Horza: The paranoid, psychotic and rampantly sociopathic main character of Consider Phleabus.

The Weaver: The Weird, godlike, and possibly insane giant spider of Perdido Street station.

Ben Reich: The brilliant man who wants to commit and get away with murder in a world of psychic police. That is the demolished man, Like the minority report but in reverse.

Charlie and Algernon: The retard who turns into a genius and the super intelligent mouse of Flowers for Algernon.

The Hooded One

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Matt Cauthin From: "The Wheel of Time"

The High Lord From: "Black Magician Trilogy"

The Phantom or Opera Ghost From: "The Phantom of The Opera"

Anikan Skywalker (Darth Vader) From: "Star Wars"

I tend to like characters with a little dark side to them who either let it take over them or overcome it. These characters are to just name a few of my favorites.


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Howard Roark, The Fountain Head
FitzChivalry, Royal Assassin
Tyler Durden, Fight Club
Drizzit Do' Urden, Dark Elf Trilogy
Snowball, Animal Farm