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ms. vodka

Senior Member
thanks baron man do i have a hangover.

i've got to stop drinking and taking xanax at the same time.

a tylenol would be lovely. and a nap.

and a shower.

ms. vodka

Senior Member
GV: pills. they're doctor prescribed. i'm usually pretty careful, but last night i did an open mike and i'm really really not the type to step in front of a microphone and when i got there i wasn't sure if i was going to do it and had already taken a xanax but a friend of mine had signed up so i was like what the hell and then when i signed my name on the list my stomach was doing flip flops so rather than bolt i had a couple of beers.

shawn: well, if you look over at the related links, you will see literarymary on there, which is hawke's doing. i thought it was pretty cool of the new owner to link us, as we will of course do in return, but i thought this might be the best way to say thanks. and also i did it last night while i was drunk before i could change my mind.

kisses y'all,