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Alice: The Dreamchild [Stageplay] (1 Viewer)

The Dream Child

Written by: Jory Stultz :albino:
Based on characters from Lewis Carol’s: Alice in Wonderland
And Alice Through the Looking Glass

Old General
Red Queen

Scene 1-
Set dimly lights up as two men in white shirts are dragging a screaming girl toward a room. They struggle but finally manage to get her into the room and the door shut. A woman follows behind them with a file of papers beneath one arm.

Reese: Thank you gentlemen for assisting me in Alice’s Transfer. Now, I’ve gone over it with the doctor but just to be safe I aught to tell the both of you… There are some precautions you must take while dealing with this child. Alice must be given special treatment; she’s potentially dangerous.

Guard1: And how so mam?

Reese: She’s coping with what we call a minds-eye-delusion that began, we believe, with the loss of her parents. This illness causes her to go into sporadic fits of rage and there of course she’s completely unstable. (Pauses)

Gaurd2: Anything else?

Reese: She is permitted to daily lobby time. We’ve found she gives us better results after being around social groups. Her illness also causes her to drift in and out of reality. Reality of course is our being aware of her ability to rationalize with the world around her and her other world I’m afraid, we can’t reach her there. She’s completely comatose at these times… Keep a sharp eye on her gentleman. If she blacks out… Who knows how she’ll be when she comes to…?

Guard2: We’ll take necessary precaution mam. Thank you much for your help.

Gaurd1: Yes thank you. We’ll make sure to keep a close watch.

Reese: Please don’t take what I say lightly.

Guard1: We run a tight facility here mam. Until she is transferred Alice is safe with us.

Reese: Good then… Thank you both. I must get going. I will be back to take progress reports on her weekly. Good luck gentlemen.

(Reese Exits)

The main set fades to black and the small room at the front of the stage lights up. Alice sits on her bed scratching at her wrists and staring at the floor.

Alice: The mirror holds another world for young and curious boys and girls. Sometimes the glass can cut you deep and slowly, but surely the blood will creep. Yet somewhere where you cannot see, the wound is flesh it cannot be.
As riddles come and laughter goes, somewhere beyond the blood still flows.

Set fades to black.

Scene 2-
The stage is alive with a room filled with people. Some sit and stare out the window and others socialize with each other among the crowd. Alice is still in her room sitting on her bed. Two guards make there way across the lobby to her room and awake Alice. She is quite stable, almost normal.

Gaurd1: Come on now, you’re permitted lobby time.

They pull her by her shoulders out into the lobby where a rather eccentric looking man meets them.

Hatter: Can I give her the tour? Oh c’mon handsome!

Gaurd1: This is Gauge. He calls himself-

Hatter: A gauge is an assessment. I’m afraid I know hats and not ASS-essments.

Alice smiles.

Gaurd1: He used to be a hat fitter, but this is where he ended up… It happens to the best of us…

Hatter: So can I give her the ten-cent tour?

Gaurd2: Oh, alright, but keep your equal distance… Got it buddy?

Hatter: Oh of course, yes.

Hatter pulls Alice along to show her the lobby.

Hatter: I’m Hatter by the way, not Gauge.

Alice: No of course you’re not Gauge. What a horrible name. I must say I do rather like the name Hatter… It’s much more… fitting.

Hatter: (Laughs between his teeth.) Oh… You tell jokes?

Alice: And rhymes and stories… It depends on my mood I suppose.

Hatter: And what’s your mood now?

Alice: Like a great weight has been lifted from me.

Hatter: Good, I do mean great, really... Around here, people should go without pressure.

He leads her to a table where an old Russian man sits and reads a paper.

Hatter: This is the old general. He’s a true veteran he’s been here for thirty years! Yeah that’s a long time and get this… supposedly ever since he got here he’s been reading the same newspaper. Not just the same newspaper the same article, they say it’s the reason he’s here in the first place.

Alice: Well… Not very open minded is he?

Hatter: I wouldn’t say so… Another thing you should know about him is that he cannot be bothered.

Alice: Why what will he do?

Hatter: Nothing… That’s just it… You can’t bother him.

Alice: Oh, right. (Giggles.)

Hatter: Watch this. (Slams his hand on the table and gets in the old generals face and yells.) Can you here me? Hello? Hellooo? (Turns back to Alice.) See, he cannot be bothered.

Alice: (Laughs) Yes I do see. This is much better then the place I stayed last time. The people there had nothing interesting to say at all. Now, that reminds me of something I was taught… If you haven’t anything interesting to say then don’t say anything at all.

Hatter: But anything you say should be interesting to at least one person in the world, so really it’s not about finding the right words to say, it’s about finding the right person to listen.

Alice: I suppose you’re right… Please do continue your tour. I’m sorry to interrupt.

Hatter: It’s quite all right, really. Just come along this way. (Leads her to a small home made puppet-show stage in the back of the room where one man sits on the floor while another does a puppet show.) These are the twins. They do puppet shows a lot during lobby time. I’ve seen em before. They’re usually morbidly depressing but brilliant.

The one behind the screen speaks using the puppet.

Tweedle-dee: Hatter won’t you stay for my show?

Tweedle-dum: If you do make sure you bring tomatoes to throw! (Laughs)

Hatter: I would, but I’m giving Alice here the tour.

Tweedle-dee: You’ll stay won’t you girl?

Tweedle-dum: The ending act will make you hurl! (His brother urges him to stop.)

Alice: It does sound quite entertaining, but I really would like to meet everyone first.

Tweedle-dee: All right then. Whenever you get the time… My new act is inspiring! (Tweedle-dum begins to say, “You really should think of retiring…” and is stopped before he even finishes.)
Not another word…

Hatter leads Alice away from the twins and over to a man who sits staring out the window with a big smile on his face.

Hatter: Cheshire Robinson… Ironic he should be such a happy looking chap… You see, a long time ago Cheshire here butchered his wife and child in the midst of a cold November night. The murders became nationally renowned and eventually a book was written about it and he’s since been a legend

Alice: My God…

Hatter: And get this… He claims that a week before the murders he was visited in his sleep by a surreal cathead that told him to murder his family. The claim was so bizarre that they threw him in here. He says that he hasn’t seen the cathead since the night of the killings, but the way he smiles out that window… Sometimes I just don’t know how safe I feel.

Alice: I know the feeling.

Hatter: You’ve met everyone here but the ladies. That’s a good thing though. You do not want to converse with that sort.

Alice: And what sort is that?

Hatter: The shallow… The materialistic… You see, the ladies over there... they judge you on what they see on the outside and on the outside only. Sad but true, luckily in here there are only a few. (Giggles) I rhymed.

Alice: Seems to happen a lot around here… Now that I’m looking at them they do seem like a rude sort.

Hatter: Most definitely. Anyway... That's about it... Wait! I can't believe I almost forgot! There's someone you simply must meet.

Alice: All right.

Hatter: Right this way. (Pulls her arm and guides her to a man sitting at a chess table.)
This is my good friend and chess partner, March Hare. (He nods his head.)
And this is Alice. She's a newby here. I'm just showing her around.

Alice: It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Hare.

Hare: And it's a pleasure to meet you MISS Alice. Won't you sit down for a spot of tea?

Alice: It sounds so lovely, really it does, but I've already told someone else I would attend their show this evening. I would do both, but I'm afraid I haven't much time left.

Hare: Oh nonsense there's always time for tea.

Alice: I really am sorry. I must get going. Hatter, are you coming?

Hatter: No I think I'll stay for some tea and chess.

Hare: A royal idea!

Alice: Alright then... Thank you very much for the tour!

Hatter: You're very welcome Alice...

Hare: Enjoy your show Miss Alice.

Alice: Oh, I will... Good-bye!

(Alice looks at the clock and notices she is short on time and runs toward the right of the stage where the twins are. She slips and falls on the ground. When she hits, all the lights go out for a few seconds and then dim red lights light the stage. She picks herself up and starts walking holding her head. When she arrives at the twins one of them is laying face down on the ground and the other is kneeled over him.)

Alice: Hi... I'm here for the show.

Tweedle-dee: Go away little girl...

Alice: I'm Alice, rememb-?

Tweedle-dee: Shut your mouth little girl and leave me alone!

Alice: Oh I'm sor-

Tweedle-dee: Didn't I tell you to shut up and get out of here?!

(Alice runs back to the chess table where she finds Hatter and Hare, but they've completely changed.
Hatter wears a huge top hat and a long purple jacket and the Hare actually became a rabbit.)

Alice: The twins... I think something's wrong... One of them looks almost... Dead... (No one says anything.)
Can't you hear me?

Hatter turns while drinking his tea and looks at Alice with crazed eyes.

Hatter: Oh, there you are… The queen is looking for you Alice.

Alice’s eyes grow wide.

Alice: No… She can't be.

Hatter: She doesn't like you very much.

Hare: If she finds you she'll chop off your head.

Alice: The queen is dead! I killed her myself!

Hare: You can't kill the queen little Alice...

Hatter: She'll always be alive as long as you're still alive...
Here...(Holds out a knife.) Take this... The only way to escape the queen is to end your life.
(Alice looks at the blade.) Go on... Do it before she finds you...

Alice: But what if she does kill me? She'll die too then.

Hatter: She's a nightmare in your head and not the other way around.

Alice: What do I do? (Whispers to herself.)

Hare: Put the knife into your heart. It will end all of your suffering.

Hatter: All your feelings of emptiness will be gone... Go on...

Hare: Go ahead.

They continue to coax her- She holds the blade high in the air and thrusts it downward toward her chest.
Before the tip of the blade hits the lights go out, (only for a few seconds again.) When they come back on Alice is lying on the ground being aided by Marsh Hare and Hatter along with two guards in white clothes.

Hatter: Are you okay Alice? Alice wakeup! (Alice’s eyes open.) Oh thank heavens she's awake.
Alice, are you all right?

( to be continued...)