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Alice in Videoland - Maiden Voyage (1 Viewer)


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A review of a fairly recent album. Thoughts, opinions, comments, suggestions, criticism, etc. are very appreciated. Thanks!


Alice in Videoland
Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage is Swedish Electro band Alice in Videoland's debut album, released in 2003. Formed in 2002 and christened after a 1984 Commodore 64, Alice in Videoland is one of the most refreshing acts to hit the electro scene since early pioneers of the genre first envisioned a radical new style. Mixing elements of Electronic, early Punk, and Industrial, Alice in Videoland presents an album that screams influences and creativity.

Lead vocalist Toril Lindqvist switches between her native language of Swedish and English in her interesting vocal style, accompanying the beat-oriented music that defines Alice in Videoland. Although sometimes sounding reminiscent of acts from the 1980s, Maiden Voyage refuses to be shelled into being a one-trick pony like so many other bands creating innovative sounds. Elements of Power Pop and New Wave are decidedly present in songs like "Video Girl" and "Lay Me Down."

It is not mere happenstance that this band derived its moniker from a video game from the mid-1980s, rather, it was a cleanly and logically executed decision reflecting their influences and creative style. There are moments on this release where the decidedly rhythmic keyboard lines feel like they've been ripped from an early videogame and expanded upon. Though the concept may not be entirely new, the clean and precise execution gives this band a distinct advantage over the mere rip-off artists that pervert the electronic scene.

The unique atmosphere of Alice in Videoland's debut, Maiden Voyage, is the most evident advantage over its peers, providing a sense of something new, despite the evident fact that most of their influences began life more than twenty years ago. All in all, this album is successful on many levels. On a very cerebral level, it interests and inflames the senses; on a more base level, it proves to make excellent background or dance music. Whether you're interested in Synth Pop, EBM, New Wave, or any number of musical styles, Maiden Voyage is engaging and worth at least one listen.

Matthew Montgomery