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Ahoy everyone ~ (1 Viewer)

My name is Tony Palm, Jr. and have just self-published a 10-chapter, 95K word memoir about my father's life. Dad and I spent all of 2020 talking on the phone every Wednesday afternoon during which I interviewed him in depth about every aspect of his life. It was an extraordinary process during which I uncovered nuggets of hitherto unknown family-lore. Although I thought I knew every story of my Dad’s life, many were a complete surprise.

Between the countless calls, research, and requests for information, it often seemed I was engaged in a never-ending effort. In retrospect, it has been a journey of joyous discovery about my father, his and my mother's families, and the entire Johnstown, Pennsylvania area where we both grew up.

We also grew immeasurably closer and I’ve gained a deeper insight into the people and events that shaped his life. I have a newfound respect for him, the challenges he overcame, and the extraordinary level of service and sacrifice he devoted to his family, his community, and his country.

At the ripe old age of 64, I've found a passion for writing that in intend to explore. Joining this group is one way I hope to do that.


eeey, Ton-YY! (possibly a mob sort of greeting)

Don't know if you're still in the same location but if so in PA terms we're practically next door (Or "Down the road a little bit") as I am in the Pittsburgh area.

Your father's memoir sounds like it was quite a project. I'm happy to hear that it's fired a love of writing and that you found your way to WF. You're in good company.

(well...except for a few sketchy people.) Just kidding. See you around the boards!


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Welcome! That sounds like a significant project and a great basis for your writing career.


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Tony Palm, Jr.,

Finding the passion to write can arrive at any age!

Glad you joined us here.