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Agincourt (1 Viewer)


Senior Member

beer bottles
fill the sky
slowed beaten time
burnished balloons
hang lazily
glistening sunshine
spills from rounded mouths
golden summer rain
smashed shattered glass
concrete dance
jumping stinging pain
beat off bare chests
two fingers up
we sing and chant all day
sweat stained flanked
Copper stallions
charge thunder into fray

trampling, breaking bones, bravado
peg it, runaway
for England and St George!
God Save the Queen!


Staff member
one hell of a celebration- I betting it's about a soccer game- winning of a championship where all hell breaks loose- God and Country- a fanatic reaction where patriotism drunkenness and debauchery go hand in hand. A very colorful and and fun poem.


Senior Member
A good reading young Bob - I can see where you are coming from. My intention was in reality a satire/mockery of out greatest sporting export, football hooliganism. (in this instance following the national team).
We have invented many sports - the two most popular in the world, Football then Cricket (its true look up the numbers), then things like rugby, badminton, snooker (1 billion people in China love their snooker), but the problem is we are not very good at them like you Americans are at yours. We've won Football World Cup once 1966, two different formats of Cricket World Cup, Rugby Union World Cup once (maybe more I only like Rugby League) I could go on - but you Americans dominate, no other country has ever won the World Series, USA every year, I find that remarkable and the Hyber-bole - I believe America has won that every time apart from since this traitor Bill Bellichick has taken small nation of New England on a roll of late. He must be very unpopular.
All the best PG