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Accepting Scripts for Theatrical Productions (1 Viewer)



Metastatic Productions LLC is seeking scripts for threatrical performances with the intent for production in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company (my company) will consider all genres and formats. All scripts must be finished. I do not care what you are working on at the moment.

1. Scripts are to be submitted via email to [email protected]. This account will not exist forever. Please use .doc or .pdf format, as other formats will not receive consideration.

2. All scripts should include a treatment (or brief synopsis) no longer than two (2) double spaced pages. If such a treatment is not included, your submission will probably not be read. (See No. 3 below.) It is preferred that the body of your email be the treatment and the script the attachment.

3. This could go in No. 2, but it is important. If the treatment does not catch my interest, then I probably will not even open the script.

4. Send only your script and treatment. If I am interested in your submission, you will be contacted. I do not want to receive emails requesting the status of your submission. In any event, I do not envision being able to answer such queries due to volume.

5. Any submission selected is subject to substantial editing and/or revision. If you cannot handle your "art" being changed, please do not waste my time.

6. Most of you will ignore this, but please only send submissions that are worthy of review. I am looking for entertainment value over artistic merit.

7. I will erase your email if I do not like your submission. I guaranty confidentiality and the integrity of your work. Nonetheless, if you are worried about intellectual theft, then just get your work copyrighted. It's very easy to do, and it's foolish not to.

Compensation and terms will be negotiated if I am interested in your submission. I am a substance over form person. Don't worry so much about the crap formalities all the books advise, just send me something good.
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