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Absolution Wore a Hoodie (1 Viewer)


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Behind a bolted door
I collapsed to my knee
A blood soaked hand
Struggling to work the slide
*It’s over for me*

They’re closer
Running up the staircase
Laughing, taunting -
*It’s over for you*

Coughing blood
The world, this tiny room grew darker
I raised my weapon
Aiming, knowing
*Its over for me*

The door begins to splinter
They shout and laugh
*its over for you*
As I empty the magazine

Gasping now
I can’t reload
I don’t want to reload
I want it to be over
I want it to be over

The darkness calls me
As they shout and return fire-
When just then I feel her hand
Grazing my face
*its not over for you, not now, my love*

I look up and see her
Darkened eyes
A broken wing, a hood covering a delicate face
*But it’s my time, they’re outside*
*Its over for me*

She knelt behind me
Cradling my broken body
*Hush, silly man,* she said
Covering my ears
As the door came down

They piled in, firing wildly
She held my ears tightly
A scream escaped her blackened lips
And one by one, they fell
As I drifted, slowly off to nowhere

I woke an eternity later
And she sat behind me still
*Is it over for me?*

Smiling, she kissed my forehead
My body, unbroken, her hand on my face
*No, Daddy. We’ve just begun.*


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Weeelll, I AM intrigued... the way one is intrigued if they catch the end of a movie, and think ' damn, wish I could have seen the whole thing.... ;) [ don't shoot me]