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I need to tell you few words about me. I am not a native English speaker, but i think in English, as i have lived 10 years in US /UK. Now I am in Estonia, where the home is. I finally feel very good here, but it took a long time to get used to remembering the feelings and emotions from past times. It doesn't matter any more, that i am not in LA or London desperately trying to swim up stream. It is better here, quieter, different from what you will probably ever be able to experience. But you may have something equivalent that i will never know. I also hope to make me a home here at the writingforums.


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Hello to you, Ix Silver, and welcome to the forum! English is not my native tongue either, but like you I often think in it. I also have lived years abroad, although not in the USA - I lived and worked for a couple of years in Germany. Being somewhere else is a great experience, but I'm glad to be back home!