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A word from the East. (1 Viewer)


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Hello, everybody. I am posting this message from the snow-covered lands of Russia. To be more precise, as Russia is a huge country, I am writing from its heart around Moscow.
I am a young physicist who had picked writing as a hobby. And my dream is to create a fantasy novel that is not rooted in Lord of the Rings and Arthurian epos, that would be free from mages, elves, and medieval age, as well as standard hero's journey. This wish came to me when I have imaged a perfect world for that type of story, and since then, I am working on the writing, and I hope to share it soon.


Hey, Puellamagi, nice to hear a voice from Russia. And here I thought I was chilly in northeastern part of the USA!

Glad to hear that you've got an interesting piece of writing to work on and I hope it's going well. Happy you found us!