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A wish stick wish comes true on Halloween (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
A wish stick
three inches long
carved by the
sea, wind, and sand
carries a feather

on a hot summer day
as a stranger handed me one
the feather took flight
"Make the wish now!"
said the stranger

today on Halloween
on a cold windy day
in a city
in a shoe store
at the end of an aisle
my estranged granddaughter
stepped towards us

17 months since our last visit
She will be 10 in three days
Her voice kept repeating
"I miss you so much"

Today my wish came true
a wish stick
handed to me by a stranger
on a hot summer day


Senior Member
I sometimes think it's hard to combine fantasy and reality, but in this, it was well done. The move from sea to shoe store was an interesting turn of imagery.

A very sweet way to show the reader, that sometimes, wishes do come true.