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A Thousand Cuts (almost) (1 Viewer)


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After my wife's last (and final) hospital visit, I was already well-versed with the dysfunctional billing system. But somehow, it seems to have gotten worse.

For those of you uninitiated into this hell, it goes like this (at least in the US): A week or two after the visit, you get a statement from the insurance explaining what they paid, and what you owe. The bills start tricking in. I don't remember them all, but they came from the hospital, the emergency physician, specialist, assorted labs... I have a file full of them. I do remember one of them was for $4.72. Yep, they sent out a bill for four bucks.

I pay most of our bills online, but you can forget about that with these medical bills (unless you have the patience of a saint). I gave up trying to set up an account up after 20 minutes or so. Paying over the phone was worse. I swear, I was transferred three different times, and gave the same information three different times. Just to pay one of the bills. I resorted to the archaic custom of writing checks. I mean, I'd think it was 1955, but they weren't even that messed-up back then.

The Specialist performed his work in Washington state. I sent the bill to Utah. His office is in Los Angeles, CA. Makes sense.

She died on July 3rd, and I just got another bill today. For $378. For services over three months ago. Luckily, I have the time and resources to take care of this. But I truly fear those younger working families that have to deal with this.
I mean, just having these bills appear randomly in your mailbox makes financial planning hard for some I bet. They do offer payment plans on the bill... with a nominal service fee, of course.

Luckily, my wife had been to the hospital before, so I was ready for this. I do worry for the uninitiated, and the rude, unfair surprises that wait for them after an already difficult event.


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At least you were able, and prepared, as prepared as a person can be I suppose, to deal with that stuff Winston. Imagine not having those resources, it doesn't bear thinking about.
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I feel for you, Winston - I'm still working on my wife's bills for her hospital visits starting September 2019 and continuing. At least she's still alive and progressing well for what she's been through. Don't let life beat you down, keep on truckin.' When Vickie was recovering in rehab when she had this vision of the grim reaper and told him to go back to hell, she wasn't ready to die yet (whether it was real or not was beside the point) and she woke up from her coma and kept on going. She's my inspiration.



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... Imagine not having those resources, it doesn't bear thinking about.

That's why I posted this. Guilt, maybe?
I've been very "lucky" in my temperament and resources to deal with this shiat. I know there are busy young families without the money nor time to stay ontop of this steaming dung-heap of medical bills. Your kid gets sick, and you'd probably actually need a day off just to sort-through some of this. Despite what some may think, I do think of others. I hate to see people get screwed.

Don't let life beat you down...
That's not happening, MP. My wife had this thing she called "An over-developed sense of justice". Some of that rubbed off on me, I suppose. I'm mad, because they treat their customers like piggy banks instead of valued clients they provide a service to.
I don't deserve anything, but I expect decency and respect.

Next time these arseholes go golfing, I'll show up randomly every few days for months on end, demanding random fees. Two dollars for tees. A 10 dollar divot fee. 15 dollars for extra usage of the ball wash. Oh, remember on July 2nd, you ran the cart off the trail, and damaged some grass? That will be a $50 fee for reconstructive landscaping.

"Hey! Didn't my green fees cover all that? I'm a club member!"

No. They did not. You and your membership means nothing. How would that feel? Jerks.