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A Tale of Two Sorrowful Sisters (1 Viewer)

Chesters Daughter

WF Veterans
Peter’s departure was a tornado
that developed in secrecy
and swept through without warning
destroying everything in its path
leaving us in ruins.

But rebuild we shall for rebuild we must,
for lying deep beneath the rubble,
Peter has left behind memories
forged of love
so as he watches from above
we’ll arm ourselves with shovels
to dispense with the debris of loss
and uncover the gifts he left behind
that are indestructible and rightfully ours.

Time is now our best friend
for it is the only remedy for grief
and with each passing day
that God awful rubble will recede
and the shovels we wield
will less tax our weary muscles,
and eventually,
with our memories safe and warm
in our hungry embrace,
the twister that stole so much
from two sisters
will be but a whisper
for the fortifying echoes of our brother
will drown it out
as he heals family and friends
from the inside out.

We will remember not the inclement weather
that rudely and abruptly
snatched Sir Peter Charles
from us all,
but we will rather recall
the times we spent together
beneath sunny skies
for those comforting mental snapshots
the abundant worth of our brother’s life.
You are loved more than most,
dear Peter, and you will be ever missed,
and please, on behalf of your sisters,
give Ma a big kiss.

This is not farewell, our adored sibling,
it is merely a temporary separation
that ultimately ends in jubilation,

that being said,

we’ll see you later, Peter.

Rest in Peace, dear brother

with undying love,
Chrissy and Lisa


Staff member
You said it all, CD. I like the way you have chosen a positive take on loss. Your words brings hope, and lean on the gentle memories of a shared love to show a path through the inevitable shock and sadness that bereavement brings. I hope your poem brought comfort to you and your sister, as it will to many who read it.