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A study summary (please hele me improving writing.) (1 Viewer)



A study summary


Here is a summary as to my study efficiency and finished tasks during the first

preparation period from Jul.15 to Sep.15. I write it for three reasons as


First,I want to learn how to write in English. I ever promised to write a

composition everyday,but I was too busy to keep my words. How time flies! It's a

long time I havn't dropped a line to practice writing. So I must do it as soon as I

can. Otherwise, it will make me sorrowful and be disappointed to myself.

Second, a summary is necessary for the next period of my preparation for the

forthcoming exam. As you know, the pressure whether we can make success in the exam

is always great for most people. Nevertheless,admist of those people, I am also

always being anxious. I hope I can study in a more efficient way by learning from

the summary of the past period.

Third, I hope I can keep peaceful mood by making this summary and try to comfort

myself that I did enough as far as the past period is concerned.

So ,here is it.