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A Story for Valentine's Day (1 Viewer)


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One night, two weeks before Valentines Day, Johnny Zilch was reading the newspaper in his home when his eyes fell upon an advertisement that stirred him emotionally. Johnny, a twenty-eight-year old New York City taxi driver, had been searching diligently, without any success, to find a lover for the past five years, and he dreaded spending another Valentines Day alone. During his quest for love, he tried every method possible: dating services, personal ads, single bars, cocktail parties, blind dates, even supermarket and Laundromat flirting; but, nothing seemed to work. One failure after another had dampened his hope of ever finding a true love—that is, until he caught sight of the ad in the newspaper which he read. Suddenly, the desperate Johnny was feeling as if one of cupid’s arrows had finally found its target—his heart! And with a brand new surge of optimism, Johnny widened his eyes and began to absorb every single word in the advertisement:

Are you having difficulty meeting someone to love? Well, fret no more! Get assistance from the experts. After years of relentless scientific research, we are proud to announce the invention of a love potion that really works. Our potion attracts the opposite sex instantly, and we guarantee romance in your life by Valentines Day. So, don’t spend that special day for lovers alone. Order an eight ounce bottle of our potion now for only $100.00. And, if you are not completely satisfied with the results from it, we will refund your money.

“Wow,” Johnny sighed, rolling his tongue across his upper lip, “guaranteed romance for Valentines Day or my money back. This is for me.”

Aroused by the good news of the ad, Johnny slowly shut his eyes and granted his imagination complete control of his mind. Within a moment, flickering images of roses, hearts, and teddy bears flooded his head and encouraged him not to abandon his search for a sweetheart. With a growing sense of hope, Johnny snapped out of his dreamy state, reopened his eyes, and, once again, began pouring over the ad. He picked up at the bottom of the page where he gazed at testimonies from people who had already purchased the product:

"I can’t believe how quickly I found romance. Your potion is truly amazing.”—Adam, Buffalo, New York

"This stuff really works. I’ll never be lonely again. Thank you so much.”—Jennifer, San Diego, California

“Now I have a sweetheart to cuddle because of your miraculous potion. It was well worth every dollar.”—Samantha, San Antonio, Texas

About a week after Johnny wrote out a check for one hundred dollars, enclosed it in an envelope, and mailed it to the manufacturer of the potion, he was at home cleaning his basement when the doorbell began ringing. He raced up the stairs, but by the time he reached the door and opened it, he didn’t find anybody standing in the doorway. Instead, he found on his welcome mat a package about the size of a shoebox addressed to him. “It’s here, finally” Johnny uttered excitedly, before, with a boyish enthusiasm, plummeting to his knees to scoop it off the ground. His anxious wait now over, Johnny jumped to his feet and raced back inside the house, eager to put the potion to the test.

His heartbeat quickening, Johnny placed the package on the kitchen table and started ripping open the top of it. When he lifted the cardboard flaps to peek inside the package, he spotted what he believed would finally end his grueling search for a mate. The sight of the eight-ounce bottle filled with an orange-colored liquid spawned a smile that stretched across his beaming face. Thrilled, and not wanting to waste another moment, he thrust his hand into the package to retrieve what he was now pinning his hopes upon, and with his heart still pounding, Johnny raised the bottle close to his face to start reading the directions on its label:

Directions: Add a capful into drinking water each day to keep romance alive in your life.

“Terrific,” Johnny blurted, grasping the bottle as he hurried toward the sink to get a glass of water. But before he had a chance to turn on the water faucet, he heard a sound, like a squeal, coming from inside the package. “What the heck is that?” Did I miss something in it?” Johnny wondered, staring the package on the table. Johnny went back to the table and as he stood over the package, he noticed the small white box he overlooked the first time he checked inside.

Thrusting his hand downward, he fished out the box and quickly removed the lid from it. What occurred next is something he’ll probably remember for quite some time. Johnny literally jumped in shock as a frightened mouse sprang out of the box and ran wildly across the table, before leaping off of it and disappearing on the kitchen floor beneath the stove. It took him a while to recover from the shocking surprise, and when he did settle down, the baffled Johnny spotted a note inside of the box. His ordeal with the mouse temporarily forgotten, Johnny picked up the note and began to read it:

Dear valued customer, we promised romance in your life, and we kept our promise. The adorable critter you discovered inside this box is named Romance. To ensure Romance thrives in your life, please don’t forget to add a capful of the potion into its drinking water each day.

Please note: Refills are only $10 per bottle. 
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Nice story. I was actually surprised when Johnny had his small surprise. I really liked that he was trying to get out and do something with his life, even if it was, albeit, trying to fulfill that small romantic fantasy of his. One thing that I like about your story is that the plot was intense and capturing. Capturing as it was, I think readers might find themselves a little confused by the sudden change in plot. Maybe foreshadow a little? Anyways great job!

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