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A spiteful sceptical poem without punctuation lest punctuation is just another cause (1 Viewer)


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imagine the spread of forests that could still stand
imagine the branches that may have waved
the leaves that could have unfurled
in a wind that wandered without a hurry
to get wherever it is the wind goes

and the lead left
in the ground unground
unsharpened unspoken

if we let loose the reins of pretence
that protests change the world
we have created that horse has bolted
runs now of its own accord
little heeds our words songs or signs

instead truth to tell we need to surrender
our power our money or desire
stop the purchase across counters
littered with the blood of women
the bones of slaves the ears
teeth and smiles of native children
to make shirts and shoes
lest catwalks grow sad and unused

after all this time
the rich have more wealth
the powerful more power
regardless of all the words
that coddle
and let us pretend anything has changed