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A short script I wrote for theater class (1 Viewer)




(Curtains open revealing a boy with a black trash bag shirt. If possible music plays lightly in the background. He's dancing by himself. A girl that looks a little put-out, wearing a foil skirt walks up to him. He keeps dancing but acknowledges her presence with a wave and slight nod.)
Boy: Hey. Awesome dance right?
Girl: (sarcastically) Yeah, killer.
Boy: Whats wrong with you?
Girl: Well, it's my senior year and the only time I'm every going to be able to go to prom and I don't have a date and the theme blows.
Boy: What? You don't like the thirties?
Girl: Well, I have to admit that I'd probably like the thirties a lot better if the depression hadn't taken place during that time.
Boy: (Stops dancing) What's wrong with the depression?
Girl: Uh, the fact that it was trashy, depressing and our prom theme!
Boy: Oh, come on. You can't tell me you didn't have fun making you're dress.
Girl: Dress? (Starts getting a little hysterical) What dress? They didn't have nice dresses during the depression! So I'm wearing trash at one of the most classy events I'll ever attend in my life!(Folds her arms and turns away from him.)
Boy: I think it looks co-.
Girl: (Holds up a hand) Don't you dare finish that sentence or you will never have the opportunity to dress in a trash bag again!
Boy: Um, you want something to eat?
Girl: What do they have?
Boy: Well, it's kind of awesome. They have a line. (She looks at him threateningly. He swallows.)Um, they have bread and the punch is this green stuff that's suppose to be soup.
Girl: (Looks away from him again.) No thanks.
Boy: Look, it's not my fault that they chose this theme. Don't get angry at me.
Girl: (Quickly turn towards him unfolding her arms and making fists at her sides) I have to be!
Boy: Why?
Girl: Because you're enjoying it!
Boy: Enjoying what?
Girl: The dance! The theme! My torment!
Boy: Believe me. I'm not enjoying you yelling at me.
Girl: No! But you're laughing at me. (He opens his mouth to say something but she cuts him off.) I know that deep inside you're laughing because of my misfortune! Because I'm so pathetic that I can't even get a date to the depression! (Sounds teary) Because I'm wearing a foil skirt!
Boy: Uh, I wasn't thinking any of that-
Girl: Of course you were! If I were you I would laugh at me too. I would think the same thing.
Boy: I think you look good in the foils skirt!
Girl: (Calming down a bit but still weepy) You're just saying that.
Boy: No really. You look good.
Girl: No I don't. My butt looks big. (She turns around for him to see.)
Boy: But it still looks good.
Girl: (Slaps him)
Boy: What was that for?
Girl: You were looking at me butt!
Boy: But you-
Girl: (Holds up a hand to stop him) I know. Thats all guys ever look at. They don't want to go out with me because I'm pretty. (Starting to cry again. Overboard. Lots of whining.) They just want my butt! (Falls unto the boy sobbing.)
Boy: (Doesn't know were to put his hands, Awkwardly starts to pat her back.) I don't just like you're butt.
Girl: (Sniffles. Whiny) You don't?
Boy: No. I think your..uh...eyes are pretty.
Girl: (Looks up at him. Not quiet as whiny.) You do?
Boy: Sure. (She looks up at him expectantly.) Uh, and your, uh, nose.
Girl: (Pulls away slightly) What about it?
Boy: It's..cute?
Girl: (Sniffles) You're so sweet! (Starts to cry again and buries her face into his “shirt” )
Boy: (Almost frantic) Why are you crying?
Girl: Because I'm happy.
Boy: Um, why are you crying.
Girl: (Cries harder. Sobs and pulls away from him) You just don't get it. Guys just don't understand a woman's feelings.
Boy: I guess not.
Girl: (Give him a dirty look)
(The music changes to a slow song. Her sobbing has subsided. They stand there Awkwardly.)
Boy: Um, would you like to dance?
Girl: (Blinks several times) Really?
Boy: No. I just wanted to make you cry again. Of course really.
Girl: (Nods and smiles a little) Okay.
(They awkwardly put their hand on each others shoulders and waist and start swaying side to side their arms stretched out so they're far apart. He looks at her but when she looks at him he looks away. Then the same happens but reverse. They do this for a little while clearing their throats her and there.)
Boy: So.
Girl: Yeah.
Boy: Uh, this Wednesday there's a Bible club meeting. Would you...(She looks at him weird.) Never mind.
Boy: (Looks over her shoulder.) Oh, here comes the King and Queen.
Girl: (Looks around still dancing.) Where?
(A couple dressed up in nice clothes with crowns on walk onto the stage, passes them and walks off. They're smiling and look like they're having a good time. The girl keeps her eyes on them until the last and even keeps staring where they had left, her mouth open. The boy's watching her a little nervously. Suddenly she breaks down, bawls, and throws herself into his arms burring her face into his “shirt” again. He rolls his eyes and starts patting her back again, looking up at the ceiling. Lights dim, curtains close. Whatever.)


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i have to wonder if your class includes lessons on proper play script format... i didn't read this because it's all squooshed together [which gives me a headache] and not presented in anything approaching proper format... sorry...

love and hugs, maia