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A Shorefolk Question (1 Viewer)


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Shorefolk Question

Too many names, too many tongues to recall
his age unknown, but what of a face or form,
only one remembers as the tides rise and fall.

And Shorefolk, birth to death hear the thrall—
from the kindest whisper of the flipper ripple
to the full throated roar of a Leviathan’s call

Always the words of the waves, tempt, tease…
just out of reach, mortals who blame the siren
for their songs said to put a man on his knees.

Seafolk born with pelt, flippers, fins and scale,
spy ‘round cragged faces of old basalt fractals,
tide pool shepherds perched on humpback tails.

And over them all he reigns, a cussed Old Man
who comes ashore on the queer Monarch Tide
to watch the hatchlings race across cold sands.

Bird and turtle and beasts of the deepest brine
once gathered upon the Lost Napland Shores
in legions, numbers now surrendered to time.

Can you hear it child these voices from the sea…
Do you number among those few that remain,
who know the location of the Booby's lost Key?