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A Senryu Of My Own “Grand” Design ;3 (1 Viewer)


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I could care are less about the syllable count this is senryu- and a good one . One nit, please take out those capitol letters, it distracts from the senryu.

Love purely love the last line. the wonder , grandeur, yes even the magic of the spider web but a dimension that even transcends that= a joy to read

syllable counts -english 3-5-3
Japanese 5-7-5

following this count just makes you hone in on the word placement=


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Thanks for the feedback, I just saw a senryu someone else made with ease and thought how have I never created one? So I decided to give it a try.

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I'm glad you think they're easy because they're not. There's a lot of subtlety, shadings and insight that goes into them. If this was your first try I applaud you but poets spend years trying to master haiku and senryu .