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A Red Pill to Fix It (1 Viewer)


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Hypothetical Situation Merely for Discussion (Anything Spicier Visit Dante's): Just explain the why, no debates.

A guy offers you the magic red pill guaranteed to fix all neurological and/or psychological issues in one dose, side effect free. One pill and poof, completely normal. The caveat, any and all emotions, inspirations, tangental leaps, insights, creative processes, and/or lessons that were derivative of the previous system are erased. Clean slate with memories intact, but with one's personality and thought processess, normalised. You are you, but with managable emotions, thoughts that don't wander, a mind that doesn't race, social interactions have become easy and pleasurable. IQ is unaffected. EQ is elevated. Do you take the pill?

As an HD Autistic, for me this is a screaming no. It would destory anything and everything that makes me who and what I am.

What are your thoughts and/or reactions?


I love this question so much. First, for me, that's a resounding 'No'. As weird and wonderful and sometimes difficult to deal with as my natural self is, I don't want to exchange it for something without my own unique internal structure included.

The artistic community, as far as I have experienced it, is largely populated by people who are so divergent that their parents and/or teachers didn't know what to do with them...and yet these artists' own original ways of seeing things or doing things can be a superpower. Even conditions that cause misery can also somehow bend the light for an artist to reflect suffering in their work that speaks to many. Or causes a way of working that is thoroughly outside of any box.


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I would consider it for a long while, but yes. I think I would.

I always say that I never want to be anyone else, wouldn't want any memories that weren't mine, etc... but, you stated that wouldn't be the case. I'd still be me, just more functional.

It's funny, I'm hyper sensitive to pills/medicine and only take if absolutely necessary, such as for fever. Side effects scare me, I'm looking for as close to normal as I can feel always.

It would alter the way I write, but that's OK. I write because my emotions drive me to, not from a want. I think some of it is decent but it's not going to make me money and at the end of the day, is essentially useless. I'm attached to the stories, characters, I've already written, but I don't have a need to write. I think most of me otherwise would stay the same.

What I've written already, would still remain mine, and I'd always have that.

I'm not Autistic. But I suffer from debilitating anxiety attacks. Eating right and exercising only helps so much. Makes them less frequent, but they still happen. It's like I'm dying over and over, because that's what it feels like to me. Everything closing in, heart racing, can't see straight, hearing is fuzzy, is someone talking to me? I've learned to control outward appearance of it, but inward I'm still being crushed.

To be able to just live, that's a dream. I'd still think on it, but I'm pretty sure it would be a yes.
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Most certainly yes, especially when EQ gets elevated too. (I don't see how come, because it contradicts the rest, but should it happen, I wouldn't turn it down.)

Why? I'm so fed up with running up against the wall time and again, trying to get along with this crazy world - and having to endure the unspeakable insult of being surrounded by people who just do with ease things I can't.


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The rise of the EQ is logical with the override and regulation of emotional dysregulation, the removal of rejection sensitivity dysphoria, reduced stress during routine change, an increase in adaptability, empathy becomes managable (NDs tend to have a scorched earth policy of too much or very little), and a lens correction for reading social cues accurately.

The cost of social interactions would also have to adjusted because an fluid interface is much more efficent. Extroverts would not need to draw as much energy from introverts. As for introverts, they would not be at the point of burnout 10 minutes into an interaction. The EQ is the key because it is both the problem and the trigger in divergent brains. Our creative drives are rooted in our emotions, distractions, and often our distress. We can take the raw overwhelm and channel it into art, (writing, painting, craving, crafting, etc).

Mine is a dodo bird with a wormhole in his pocket. I like my dodo and the Linux system in my head a heck of a lot more than I like people in general. Do my emotions cost me, yes, but they are also a powerful tool. My interface is also outrageous enough that I can walk up to a knot of people talking and blocking a main aisle in a shop and say, 'Excuse me' and walk right through the clot. Watching reality dawn on that level of obilivion is an interesting thing to see. The people doing the talking and blocking are not the ones with ND brains, they are the neurotypical normal.

As much as it sucks, NDs tend to be awkward in social situations, so as a whole, we do tend to be a bit more aware of those around us. We don't stop dead in a aisle with four people in tow and start shooting the breeze with Milt from high school and his buddies, all the while forcing every other patron of a shop to detour around you to get to where and what they need, including the very specific brand of honey mustard your group is blocking access to.
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I wish I could take such a pill. I really wish I could, you've no idea. I'd give so much to erase the negative effects of being me, but if the price is the way I am, then I demur. I feel like the negative effects of ASD, of ADHD...and whatever else wonderful abbreviations I'm subject to, have been magnified by my path and choices in life. Either that, or I'm simply not as strongly-willed as others.

It's far too late now. If you were to ask me this when I was ten or twelve, my answer might be very different. As it is, I'm inured and resigned to it and am just trying to make the best of it that I can with the time I have. But I will say, that I do not seem to regard it as the blessing others have. Or even the "blessing" I am told by others it is. So many people have explained and reassured me how privileged and wonderful it must be... I'll have to take their word for it. Maybe I'm just a negative person, certainly a possibility. I've been stuck in this house in the middle of nowhere forever, it seems. The place almost has invisible walls now, that only open under specific circumstances. The agoraphobia, the anxiety is completely unmastered.

Anyway, such positivity in this thread that I feel pretty grim contributing to it. But those are my two cents.



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60 - 80% of those with NDs have comorbities of anxiety, depression, OCD, or issues of similar ilk. It all comes down to the context of the individual circumstances.

TL Murphy

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The neurological/psychological fix is a myth. Fix one problem, it causes another. Surely we should have figured that out by now. I’d flush the pill down the toilet and open a beer.