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'A Reason to Smile' Winner's Thread (1 Viewer)


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Winner's Circle of the July Poetry Challenge

I welcome you all into the winners circle. I'm pleased that we had a decent turnout by our WF poets. Each poem told a compelling story about a reason to smile. I'm also pleased with the number of votes. Although I wished for a more robust turnout you can't always get what you want. The voting was tight which is always a good indicator that many of the poems connected with the reader. Let us also remember that poetry is subjective, so no poet should feel slighted or upset about their placement.

I want to thank Jenthepen and TuesdayEve for their prompt 'a reason to smile”. It brought out some good poetry.

Although in my book you're all winners , entering one's poetry on an open forum to be judged by the ballot can be daunting for some. I applaud you all. But a winner was chosen and I'm sure all of you will have a reason to smile on the poet who received the most votes. It's no other than one of our favorite daughters of WF—

jenthepen will receive the 'Laureate' and will pick the prompt for the August Challenge. Please message me that a.s.a.p . You are the prompt mistress.

Jens poem for me is about the joy of living. Appreciating life for what it is is warts and all. A person who is awake, living in the moment, doesn't need a reason to smile. The joy of living with all its trials and tribulations is reason enough. Excellent writing your poetic touch is masterful.

Let's get ready to rumble in our august challenge.. It's an honor to be your host....I'm sorry I'm late-


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Thanks guys and thanks to everyone who voted for my poem. When TuesdayEve and I came up with this prompt, I had no idea how to write a poem for it. It was only panic, as the deadline loomed, that kicked my brain into gear! In the same vein, I've picked the prompt for next month by pointing at a page of print and using the word thus selected - although I did reject am and didn't along the way. ;)

Well done to all the poets who entered a poem this month. Every one brought its own story and reading through them all was a journey through the shades and shapes of human joy (or the lack of it.) Originally Tuesday's idea, this prompt was no pushover and much harder to harness than appeared at first sight. The diverse range of interpretations showcased the talent that simmers with such luminous brilliance on this writing site. No losers to be found here - counting votes might be fun but the true value is in the work that this competition inspires.

Many thanks to our host, rcallaci for putting in all the work. Bob, you managed a seamless takeover from long-time host, Chester's Daughter and that was no easy act to follow.
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Jen, you always say the right thing to make people feel appreciated and deserving. Thanks for so often saying the things, I wish I could, including your poems.
Congratulations winning this month’s challenge!!! It was beautifully written.


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Congratulations again, Jen, my fabulous friend.... I so admire your ability to express emotions with such honesty and authentic gentleness and the way you give your readers beautiful insight to things that sometimes otherwise would go unnoticed... you are the essence of poetry....


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Congratulations Jen .
Your ideas are always so appealing, feels like you live that idea or like you are deeply immersed in that thought when you write it.
Kudos to you dear.