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A poet at heart, a loser at surface (1 Viewer)



Hey people I'm joe schuster. I type like a fool on chat rooms but I can assure you my stories have much more grammer and depth to them

Anyways... yeah, I'm Joe, 16, and I am restarting on a book I had thought was a lost cause-- but I emailed the first chapter to some close friends, who convinced me that I actually had talent... I'm having a problem with the title, but it comes in time. I would say my greatest influences are from the well known Mr. Steven King, but decide for yourself.

And now, I go-- To post my story for all to enjoy 8)
Hey Joe,

Sounds like a song probably too old for you to know. You're 15, I'm 51. A numerologist would give that mirrored number a meaning. I don't. But your words "a loser at surface" peaks my interest. The meaning?

Don't ever give up writing, and don't ever depend on others to keep you motivated, no matter our need for just that.


"Why do I exist?"

Backtracked through your post and it was someone else who was 15. Oh well, what's one year, and like I said, numerology counts not for me.


"Why do I exist?"