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A Plagiarised Work that got Plagiarised! (1 Viewer)


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Online forums for writers had addicted this guy
An average writer he was, but he wanted the limelight.

Working hard was not his style, the quick way was to plagiarize,
The risk of getting caught had haunted him for a while.

'Stop plagiarism!' was the perfect piece to plagiarize!
Who in the world will think, a work on plagiarism was actually plagiarized.

He copied the entire text and posted it on a site
He received rave reviews and won the attention for a while

He flaunted his fake work and decided to continue the trend,
Till he discovered one day, that his plagiarized work itself got plagiarized!

The duplicated work had received even more attention,
His heart was burning because he couldn’t complain about it.

The original writer wasn’t even aware, about this chain of crooks,
He was happy with his little success which was written with clean heart

The original petty thief however was following the second crook
He wanted to stop this chain, and was thinking of a plan

“I think, it’s time to do something original.
I know my poor work shall never be copied!"

He wrote an original poem, which won him lots of praises
The crook tried to duplicate it, but got busted this time.

The journey of writing a poem, made him realize,
‘How wrong it was to copy someone who pours his heart into a work.’

He opened the “Stop plagiarism” article and read it aloud
Each sentence in that work got tears out of his eyes

He decided to give up this practice of taking someone’s credit
He contacted the author and apologized for his deeds

The surprised author graciously thanked him for accepting his mistake
“Never repeat this,” he pronounced and ended his call

As he hung the phone, the author thought for a while
“I think this guy is right, I should apologize to the one from whom I have plagiarized!”


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](*,)#-o Quite a poetic pickle ...lol...Hard to be upset and wounded at someone for doing something to you--that YOU did to someone else.. You are skilled enough to do this all by yourself...lol.. you don't need "help" from anyone... Love this quirky quandary ... Thanks for sharing...Peace always...jul


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