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A place. (1 Viewer)



my first post ever.


A Place.

There is a place. Not too far from almost everyone’s mind that lives around here. This place is place of sanction and self- discovery for me. Most people take this long stretch of scenic street for granted. Missing its huge, overgrown, trees, hanging beautifully over the well cut grass. Or its subtle wind that creates a bit of ease when you step out of your car, or off your bike in this cool english weather. Or the fact that whoever is down there, whether they are jogging, walking a dog, or reading a book, they are there for a reason of their own, other then the activity. It is a place to think, to discover, to feel, to perceive life.
I call this place the lakefront. It holds many memories for me. I have spent many days there, with friends and with myself. Whenever I have a few moments to spare, I am always drawn to the town’s edge where land meets water. Most of the time I sit in a car, listening to music, just observing the people walking by. Lyrics of every song seem much more intense and vivid while I am over looking this place. I feel connected with every person while I am in it’s presence.
I have a certain spot there, if I am not sitting in a vehicle. The spot is by the playground and ice-cream stand. You walk down to the cul-de-sac and follow the road until the road turns into a narrow, cement, wave breaker. Or, at least I think that is what those things are called. I normally call it the pier. It's wider then all the other wave breakers, so I consider it special. It is a short walk out to the end of it, and from that point, you can see everything you could ever want to see about the beauty of the lakefront. I have been there at sunrise, sunset, midnight, morning, and afternoon. I have been there in the summer, fall, winter, spring. I have been there when it is pouring rain and when the blazing sun is beaming over the lake. I often bring my journal down to the end of it with me. I write. And I guarantee, sitting out there for maybe fifteen minutes, in the middle of the water, at the edge of this pier, away from civilization, is the best fifteen minutes of writing you will ever have.


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A good first post. I enjoyed this. Sometimes you need to get away to the "lakefront" in order to write. Just get away from civilization and life. I tend to write quite a bit on trains, which is not exactly getting away but the change of scenery from my house helps.

Good piece of writing.


I totally dig this. Props to you for your first one. I know the place that you’re talking about. I call it Muse. I go there in my car just drive around listening to music. The world seems to spin in conjunction to what I’m doing. Everything is at tempo. Good job!