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A "Passion reflection" essay for Language. (1 Viewer)



It'd be great to get advice before I turn it in. Just so it earns an A. I'm not great at non-fiction. XD


From a very young age, one of my favorite things was reading. This was mainly due to my parents, who were both avid readers. When I was a toddler, for example, my dad read me “The hobbit” by J.R Tolkien. When I was older, my mom read me the Harry Potter series, until, in second grade, I read the fourth one to her.

Reading was present throughout my childhood. I didn’t start writing, however, until I was six years old. At that age, I was writing poems and stories involving things and events closely related to my small life. For example, on an annual trip to my grandma’s house, I scribbled on to my drawing pad a short story about my parents in the front seat.

Writing became even more active in my life just as my family moved to Korea. Before we left, we had gone as a family to see the “Robinson Crusoe” movie. After seeing the movie, I was inspired. I wanted to write a book just like that. I wanted to be an author.

We arrived in Korea and I started my story as a school writing assignment. It was creatively named, “Treasure Island” and followed the story of a young boy, first kidnapped by pirates then abandoned on a remote island. The boy is marooned for many years before being rescued by a kindly mariner. Finally, the story ends “And they lived happily ever after.”

My stories progressed in skill slightly, but all of them were written in the same fairytale-adventure fashion. In fact, nothing much changed until my 5th grade year, spent in my current home in Houston. At this phase, I had less ambition for writing, yet for some reason, still continued to produce stories. These stories were all written in flimsy, 70 page spirals with horrible grammar and a lazy scrawl. Still, they were a step up from my previous works. Every story written in the way described above was a Horror-Mystery short, slightly demented and horribly cheesy.

Just a year later, I took one of the most critical steps in my “career”. I joined an online community that had a section for “text based role playing”. This forum impacted me greatly and over the course of 3 years, I improved rapidly, now with a new found motivation.

During these 3 years I wrote many short stories, outlines, poems, and characters. In 6th grade, I even began to attempt writing a book! This was a huge step for me. I was surrounded by good examples and found my dream of becoming an author refreshed. To this day, I am still an active member of the forums and am finding my passion for writing increasing with every story read or written.