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A New Project (1 Viewer)


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I have decided to embark upon a new project. I'm going to think of a plot that is really weird, write lyrics and music and see if I can get open a local community theatre. I just started writing this this morning so its not very in depth and it skips large time frames. I only have three scenes thought up so far.

Vampires attack a town. The townsfolk scream for justice. the mayor decides to bring in Viktor Shaw. There is an interlude and a carriage rides onstage. Viktor and Viktoria Shaw step out. the mayor tells them whats going on. As the mayor points at the "lair" the lights come up there. Menelaus sings a song about Viktoria's beauty. Nicholas, the Mayor's son, comes out of the house. He flirts with Viktoria. Viktor and Viktoria leave to go to the mansion with the Mayor. Nicholas reprises four lines of See That Girl. The lights go down.

Lights come up on Mene.'s hut. Viktoria is alone opening coffins. Finally after opening one she reaches in and says "Menelaus." Menelaus sits up. He asks what she's doing there. She sings "I just want to see you again, without the tears clouding in my eyes." etc. During that he gets out of the coffin and after she's done he pushs her and shouts "YOU KNOW THAT I KNOW THATS NOT WHY YOU CAME; HOW CAN YOU STAND THERE JUST PLAYING THIS GAME WITH MY HEART? LOVE AMONG MY KIND IS SOMETHING QUITE RARE," another line. By the end of that he's standing looking out the window. She walks over and puts her hand on his shoulder "Menelaus ..." she whispers. "Leave..." she stands. "LEAVE!" the music does descending chords of a scale. He goes in his coffin and slams it shut. She goes out the door crying and runs into the forest.
She collapses center stage sobbing. "Why can't he see my love is real; but he thinks its just a joke." etc. About 3/4 through Mene staggers out of his castle and to the edge of the opening listening. At the end Nicholas comes on stage with a lantern. "Viktoria? I've been looking for you." "Oh, Nicholas!" The hug. Eventually he kisses her. Mene. shrieks softly. "Lets go back to town. You're father says he found the vampire's lair. He wants to celebrate." THey hug again and walk offstage. Lights go down.

Lights come up on a funeral. It is Viktor's funeral. Viktoria has her head on Nick's castle and he is holding her hand. She is crying. Someone is eulogizing. They step down and the priest steps up. He calls Nicholas to speak. Nicholas eulogizes the crowd into a frenzy. The crowd starts shouting. Viktoria storms away from the funeral. Where she walks she begins singing her own eulogy with the crowd's screaming as the chords backing her. Suddenly Menelaus steps out of the shadows. She shrieks and he puts his finger up for silence. "Whats wrong?" "You killed my father!" "No I didn't. The coven attacked him and I ordered them to stop. They attacked me and left me to die in the morning light. I awoke at sunrise and rushed to shelter. At nightfall I went out and found his mutilated body. Right then was when your little friend found me. He pulled out his pistol so I ran away." "I don't whether I should believe you or not but I will." Nicholas walks over "Viktoria where have you gotten to? ... You." "Yes sir, I." "I did not kill..." "MURDERER!" "No sir, You misunderst..." "VAMPIRE!" The crowd hears the cries of vampire and they rush over. Menelaus wraps his arms around Viktoria and flies above the stage out of sight. Lights dim.

What do you think?


PS: If this is in the wrong subforum feel free to move it. I thought since eventually it will be a script it could go here.