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a name for the hairstyle of the woman (1 Viewer)

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Is there a name for the hairstyle of the woman in this video?


Generally, if she were a character in a story, how would you describe her?

I would describe her as a young woman with waist-length, possibly naturally-curl hair, pretty. I do not believe there is a "name" for this hair style. It's not styled, except maybe at the top and front. It looks like she may have straight hair, but had a perm in the back? I have naturally curl hair that I have worn similar to this woman, but I do straighten my bangs. It's not a "style" per se, just what I prefer.


I agree with what's been said so far, I don't think this hairstyle has a name.

The description will vary based on who is seeing the character and how they feel about her. The hairstyle description will be different whether someone simply notices it or whether they are envious of how pretty her hair is or if they hate her or if they're fascinated by her hair. So 'how I might describe' this person will change according to what is going on in the story and whose POV I'm writing from.

A neutral description might be:
"Long wavy honey-colored hair fell to her waist, caught back at the crown with a simple brown hair band."
(Note: women with long hair might put a particularly pretty hair tie or clip in their hair in which case you can mention that, too)

A description by someone who knows her and likes her:
"Her long silky hair shone mahogany in the light of the kitchen, rippling over her shoulders to her waist. She had clipped back the top section of her hair as she always did when she got serious about cooking.

A description of someone who dislikes and envies her:
"She might have been pretty if she didn't wear her brown hair so long and old-fashioned like some kind of farm wife, scraped back from her forehead in a rubber band, not to mention the ratty ends needed a good trimming."
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Google is my friend when I write - especially from a female POV. I've looked up hair styles, dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes, even types of makeup.

Try: 'names of women's hairstyles', then click 'images' to pick out the one you imagine.


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Her mane of wild, wavy, golden-brown hair fell to her waist while a band hitched at the nape of her neck casually restrained the unruly strands of fringe
I style my hair like that sometimes! There's no specific name for her hairdo, but it's definitely considered a romantic, bohemian style. Parted on the left and the remaining hair of the crown pinned (or clipped) loosely in the back. Errrm, not very poetic of me... but that's the gist of it. Cascading down her back and shoulders in loose waves. (I'm big into fashion and beauty but not an expert by any means...)


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The word that came to mind when I read this was "coiffure." That means hairstyle. Another word is "hairdo" or "haircut." And then there are the different styles: flip, pageboy, layered, permed, straight, ratted, bouffant, etc. Does this help?
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