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A Michigan Wave ~^~^~^~ (1 Viewer)


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Greetings to all from Michigan.
Great day to get out and enjoy the weather!

After a friend refered me to this site, I thought I'd see if there's anything here of interest, or help. I'm a 53YO person who feels it's time to stop procrastinating and follow that dream.
I've always been a verbal story teller, usto love to be a story reader at my kids school library.

The love of good descriptive writing was instilled in me by a grade school teacher back in the 60's, when she would read the "Little House on the Prarie" books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and similar books. Maybe it was the way she read the books. If a book doesn't have good sensory details.. I become bored and am distracted easily.

Who is my favorite Author? Has to be Steven King. Once I start reading his books, I can't put them down. Envision a beginner driver holding a steering wheel so tight with their hands, that their knuckles turn white. This is what happens when I read *some* of Mr. Kings books. I love white knuckle books. :shock:

The story I have rolling around in my head is a romance mystery. I am a novice - beginner writer. I have the beginning and middle and end of the book. Everything else.. I don't know how to put it together, or keep the story rolling.
Maybe I need to go back to college on the short bus and take an Eng 101 class that specializes in writers paint by numbers .. .](*,)


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Lol!! Forget paint by numbers!! xD You'll find your flow and your story will fit together onces you've all the pieces!! ^_~ You'll see!!

Welcome to the forum, sweetie! :]


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Welcome to the forumn File13! Don't worry about getting your story together - that will come, just let your thoughts flow!



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Letting thoughts flow..

I wonder if actually walking through my story physically, hearing what I think the characters should feel and hear, and see might help? :geek: