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A little bit about me (1 Viewer)


I grew up in New England in house with four leave clovers on the shutters. I am forty years old, and called myself mrflowchi because I like martial arts. I think there is Kung fu in all of us.

I hope to explore writing, and learning how to critique.


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Kung Fu in all of us huh? Interesting, I hope you write about that and allow us the opportunity to read it.

Welcome to the forums. See you around. :)


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Martial arts require discipline, dedication, responsibility and respect. I've been training since I was 5 years old (I'm 67 now) and have advanced degrees in several styles. My best friend is a Sil-Lum Gung Fu master - he used to teach at the Chinese Community Center in Palo Alto in the SF bay area.

Bring the attributes of martial art training into your writing and you'll do well.

OH - and pay no attention to those mutten-heads above, they no nothing of what they speak.