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a life metaphor: (1 Viewer)


WF Veterans
the cemetery and all the stone
and marble crucifixes
the angels with eyes
lifted up to the heavens
the slabs of marble and granite
holding bones in eternal hugs
the names and dates and dried up petals
the empty vases and incense holders
the trees for shade
the ashes in rows
the roses for tears and never bestowed kisses
resides in perpetuity
inside our flesh and bones, in the skulls and marrow
of all of us but mostly
in the women who birth us.


Senior Member

I think this is a great piece, it speaks for all of those who have come before us and all of those still yet to come. It hints that ultimately we will join the rows and become part of this chain.

If I had one criticism the use of and twice in L1 & L2 throws me somewhat, for me I’d use it in L1 and not L2.

Otherwise thank you for sharing