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A letter to Sofonisba Anguissola (1 Viewer)


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The following is from my blog, it is also my Womens Studies - Women in Art homework. It is a reality based letter to, whom is considered, the first ever Female Artist: Sofonisba Anguissola.
She was a 16th century daughter of an Aristocratic Italian family. It is meant to discuss her expectations in a 16th century setting. I'm thinking it must be considered fiction but please let me know if I have my genre wrong.

A letter to Sofonisba Anguissola

Dear Ms. Anguissola,

It pleases me to correspond and I wish to congratulate you for your acceptance to the court of Phillip II, King of Spain, of Naples and Sicily. Your talent has been commended.

My purpose is to brief you, Sofronisba, on matters of concern upon commencement of your duty. The complex social order that surrounds a woman can mislead itself against her.

Upon arrival, after standard acquaintance, you will be left alone and invited to appear before the court. Sit with your paintbox, connect with your Art, meditate and imagine your home, organize your chamber and relax; the longer you remain, the better. The first time you appear at the court should be the same as all appearances. You must manage your work but your work is not only your Art. Study and learn each members name and titles. Learn their duties and absorb any facts, even that of their leisure activities. When they are subject, entertain them with pleasantry but do not philander. Be prudent, comfortable and pretty. Seem witty, of course not arrogant, but worthy of such company. Above all is to be yourself, a

I am not alone in anticipation, the others are delighted. Some are preparing themselves for you! The Kings court is looking forward to having your talent and grace. Remember, at ease, I will be watching those that will be watching