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A Lesson (1 Viewer)

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TITLE: A Lesson

GENRE: Science fiction, but with fantasy themes, and crime as its other sub-genre. It is a work written with a lot of literary style (symbols, metaphors) Social commentary. It's based on a culture or a decadent society.

WORD COUNT: around 2158.

Story summary: The world of this story takes place in hidden tunnels in an underground island. It is here that drinkers are judged for their crimes.

SENSITIVITY CONTENT: There is a character experiencing being drunk and not much else. Since most of it takes place off-screen or is very low-key or not visible or with no blood. (violence is not close to being considered visceral).

AUDIENCE DESCRIPTION: Teen, adult and above for its theme.

EXPECTATIONS: I am in need of feedback on the plot. It's been edited. I wonder if it needs another check. It is an old story but got praised by a magazine once but got rejected ultimately (f & sf) some years ago. The editor commented specifically about it. I still have that email with that editor. Since new venues exist I want to give it a try to see if any publisher would accept it. I don't plan on posting it in the workshop which is why I am using a betareader in this case who could help me with it. I want to keep it private.

TIMESCALE: By end of February.

AVAILABLE FORMATS: Suggest a format that you prefer.

OTHER INFORMATION: Just want to make sure it works. I tried grammarly, reading out loud with my own voice, text to speech from word 2019. I have some dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Anything feedback you think could help is appreciated.

Thank you for any volunteers who wish to help or any help that is offered.


Darren White

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I wish to say something in general here to everyone who needs a beta reader.
The beta readers forum is for books, completed novels, not for short stories. Those should be posted to one of the Workshops.
Please read the stickies on top of this forum.
Thank you


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Hello Tim:

Thanks Tim. I sent you an email. Thank you for helping me. I will try my best provide feedback as I do try to help those who help me.

To Darren:

I respect your thoughts on this. I will pm you a reason why if necessary. It's only for this one time.

Thank you Darren for the honest reminder. I know you mean well.



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Hi Theglasshouse,

I would be delighted to give this a read.

Happy to give you an overal feeling of the piece and if required a more in depth review (may include LBL in certain areas).

I can have this done for as soon as you would like.

PM me if needed.

Thanks, see you around.

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