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A late Introduction (1 Viewer)


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So for some reason i never introduced myself formally in this section. Now that i have a little over a hundred posts, i guess it's probably about time to tell anyone who cares a little more about myself. I'm not going to write a novel about it here though, as i've gone into quite a bit of detail about myself in other posts. I'll just give you a little background, and tell you a little about my personality instead.

I was born in Belfast, Maine in 1982, making me almost 25 years old. I have a fiance and a 16 month old daughter, and we live in Brattleboro, Vermont. Since a young age, writing always appealed to me so much. It was so magical and you, or the person you were reading, could do anything beyond imagination. It was always fun to me. Through reading, i became interested in the world of writing. As far back as when i was able to write, my teachers in school told me that there was something in me that was different from others, and that it showed in my writing. They always told me how creatively advanced i was at that age. I wrote throughout grammer school and some in middle school, but the influences of friends sidetracked me, and i ended up not doing as well as i should have in h.s. and ended up experimenting with lots of drugs. I didn't get on the right track probably until a little after i had my daughter, and i began to settle down. I'd always read, but during this "party" time, all my writing ceased. Of course, it was always in my heart regardless. I'm now coming back to it, and although its a very sketchy career choice, i almost don't care, because i have so much ambition that even if it takes ten years, i know i can make it. My fiance also has an education, so (and she's agreed upon this), she's able to give us the support we need. I can't picture doing anything else, i truly believe that this is what i was put here for. I love Stephen King (to some of your dismay), Ray Bradbury, Anne Rice (though she can be redundant), Michael Chabon, Kurt Vonnegut and Clive Barker, to name a few. I also appreciate and enjoy the classics quite a bit. I work as a line cook, have for 6 years now, and i hate it, but i'm decent at it and it makes me money for now. I'm going to college come January, probably for Journalism with a minor in writing; it'll give me a foundation to fall back on. At least i'll be doing something at least that resembles what i like. But yeah, that's me in a nutshell. I'm very friendly and easy going, and i like a lot of the simpler things in life. Sorry that this turned into a novel, but it always happens. Once i start, it's hard to stop, ya know? Thanks for listening though......
Also, i sadly have a myspace, though i cringe at "trends" such as this, it's a good way to network and keep in touch with friends. my URL for it is myspace.com/enron99
hit me up if you want.
Peace. Aaron.